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Antonio Esposito | Performance Coach @

Hi, it’s Antonio here, I am a Performance Coach and NLP Practitioner and founder of TheThininkingMind Coaching Ltd, a coaching and personal development website and service. Prior to establishing my coaching firm in 2014, I have enjoyed a 15 year creative career as web and graphic designer, working with diverse mix of corporate businesses around the world.

I am very passionate about giving people the tools to help unleash their full potential. I take great satisfaction from encouraging and motivating people to achieve success. I have the real-world experience and practical perspectives from which to advise people in a variety of industries and situations.

I have a unique perspective on personal growth and happiness, and I am recognized for my ability to lead others to maximize their own potential through living a life of purpose, balance and significance. I love coaching people through a transformative process of self-discovery, thought observation, and modification of thinking patterns.

I define myself as a relentless optimist with a strong faith in God. I believe that the world is abundant, beautiful and full of new opportunities, and that each day brings the promise of renewal and a new beginning.

Here to help you to...

  • :: Build a Clearer Vision of your future aims
  • :: Get the Motivation to achieve your goals
  • :: Improve your Business Performances
  • :: Have More Control of your life
  • :: Increase your Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • :: Control your Stress Level
  • :: Improve your Relationships
  • :: Increase your Creativity and Productivity
  • :: Discover your Life Purpose
  • :: Have the Courage to pursue your dreams
  • :: Improve your Fitness Level & Sport Performance
  • :: Overcome your Fears & Phobias

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